#Linning: Best Jeremy Lin tweets of the week

One other part of the Jeremy Lin story I find fascinating is how much his peers around the NBA respect his game and want him to succeed. It’s in stark contrast to another media darling who has taken his league by storm – Tim Tebow. While the people of Denver may be sold on Tebow’s talents, his fellow players remain skeptical of his tools and still question his ability to win at the pro-level. In a poll from last season, Tebow was even voted the most overrated player in the league by his colleagues. Listen to NBA stars talk about Lin, and the tune is very different. Almost everyone is enamored by the guy – and not just because of his story, but rather his on-court ability. Nowhere is this positivity more apparent than on Twitter. Linsanity has been trending across the US for weeks now, and some of the game’s best have been joining in the fun.

In honor of his ascent to superstardom, I wanted to share my favorite pro-Lin tweets:

  • “Chuck Norris may wear Tebow pajamas but I’m pretty sure he has a Jeremy Lin night light to scare the boogeyman away. Wow! What a run!!!” — Heat forward, Shane Battier
  • “Watching this Knicks vs Raptors game…HUGE shot by @JLin7 #Respect” — Clippers point guard, Chris Paul
  • “God created earth in 7 days, Jeremy Lin created energy in new York city in 6 games” — Laker forward, Metta World Peace
  • “Jeremy Lin is killing right now, I’m always rooting for the underdogs.” — Grizzlies forward, Rudy Gay
  • “Its crazy! I’m watching Linsanity hoping every shot goes in. Hope I never grow up.” — Suns guard, Steve Nash
  • “My God, he’s a tremendous player.”  — The Logo and Hall-of-Famer, Jerry West
  • “#jeremylin keeps getting bigger. Today 27pts 11a & just saw the game winner. What a story!! Happy for him & for the game” — Spurs guard, Manu Ginobili
  • “Everyone should be a believer in@Jlin7 after his shot to win the game tonight.” — All-time great, Magic Johnson

About Matt Field

Aspiring tech and start-up enthusiast, living in New York, but born and raised in London. Self-professed sports nut.
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